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Happy Odd Socks Day!

Today is Odd Socks Day. I like it. A day to celebrate the quirky habit of wearing mismatched socks. Does this mean people have given up trying to explain the mystery of the missing sock? You know the one? Socks go into the washing machine as a pair and come out single and ready to mingle?

Then again, some people wear odd socks regardless of whether there is a match available. It's a statement, a freedom, a Take that fashion police! message.

Me? I like my socks to match, but have no problem mixing things up. I only have one rule. They have to be the same length. No one tall, one footie-sized. I would spend the day pulling one up or rolling one down.

So why do odd socks get their own day? It turns out Odd Socks Day is the start to Anti-Bullying Week. So there you have it. If our feet can make it through a day without fighting over their differences, why can't the rest of our bodies?

Have a great Odd Socks Day!




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