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Book survey question: Paper or e-book? What's your pick?

Nothing beats a weekend in your hometown, surrounded by talented, creative people, while meeting readers and signing books. My time at the Creative Craft Fair in Victoria was three days of feel good moments, while immersed in the buzz of a busy pre-holiday craft fair. It's a good thing I was tethered to my books and not free to roam. I could have done a lot of shopping. I have a weakness for handmade soaps so I confess I bought a few. The good news is I'm about to take a class on how to make my own. More on that later.

As I chatted with readers, signed books and people watched, I decided to do a little informal surveying. Nothing official, just a "I have a book survey question for you. What do you prefer? Paperback or e-book?"

The results didn't matter, as my books, like It's Not a Game, are available in paperback and e-book. The outcome did surprise me. My sample audience was between 15 and 90 years old.

Can you guess the answer? About 95% of the people that I asked said paper.

The why answers to my book survey question

  • the feel and weight of holding a book in your hands

  • less eye strain (especially after a lot of screen time during the day)

  • being able to see the future (as in you can tell where the chapter ends, and how many pages you need to read before turning out the light)

So what do you say? Me? I have to say, it depends. If I'm heading out on a trip, my Kindle can hold a lot of books. If I'm reading at the beach? I'm on the paper side.

Enough about that.

Happy Cabernet Franc Day!

WIX photo - pouring glass of red wine
December 4th Happy Cabernet Franc Day

Or if you prefer something wilder,

Happy International Cheetah Day!

WIX photo (Cristin Noelle) Cheetah lying on green grass ground
December 4th International Cheetah Day!



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