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        "And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss."

                                   - J. K. Rowling


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The Mrs. Claus Contract

by Carol Kinnee


Sometimes love needs a little North Pole magic to nudge it on its way.


Sam McNaughton is home for the holidays, but no one, especially his ex-fiancée, Sophie,

is going to find out. He wants to be left alone, to stay dead like the military declared him.

His plan is to hide out at the family Christmas tree farm until his back pay arrives, but it’s

slow in coming and staring at sixty acres of untrimmed trees means he won’t be singing O Christmas Tree anytime soon. The temporary Santa job at the local market sounds like the answer to his problems.


Sophie Malone’s been in a funk since hearing her ex-fiancé was killed in action overseas. Why is she crying in her peppermint mocha over a guy who dumped her on a ZOOM call? Sam McNaughton isn’t worth her tears, but she’d give anything to have him with her. She needs to move on, pay her mom’s debts, and pick up the pieces of her life. The month-long Mrs. Claus contract she’s signed with Shiparelli’s market will make that happen.


Except, Sam’s not dead. He’s playing the secret Santa to Sophie’s covert Mrs. Claus, and he doesn’t have a clue. With the Christmas countdown on, can Sophie use Mrs. Claus to bring Sam back to life?


Grab a cup of cocoa, curl up by the fire, and escape to Christmasville where North Pole magic is real.

Check out the Mrs. Claus Contract now
  • 3-Stars

Worth reading 😎

A cute and short Christmas romance comparable to any Hallmark movie, HEA and all.

The Mrs. Claus Contract is a lighthearted romance involving second-chances at love, emotionally broken characters, and a touch of Christmas magic.

Abigail Smith Reedsy Discovery

It's Not a Game on Amazon now

The Christmas Presence

by Carol Kinnee


Mistletoe kisses, snowflake wishes . . .

Noelle Ryan thrives on Christmas—tinsel, mistletoe, eggnog—what's not to love? When her ex-husband, Jake, arrives on her doorstep unannounced, her ho ho ho's fizzle to bah humbugs.

Her Christmas blues multiply when she witnesses a violent robbery and becomes the target of a killer. Now Noelle must choose between police protection, or the spell-binding watch of the delectable Detective Jake Ryan.

Ten years ago, she kicked Jake out without telling him why. Now she's running for her life, and falling for him again. Even a raging blizzard can't cool the flames between them.

Jake promised to keep Noelle out of trouble. He never expected to be snowbound at a cozy cabin set for seduction. He needs to keep Noelle safe. Can he do it without risking his heart?

Stalked by a killer, confronted by memories, will Noelle and Jake find their Christmas miracle?

The Love in Landings Series

Book 1

It's Not a Game

by Carol Kinnee


Love doesn’t always play by the rules!


Homicide cop Ang Mason likes games. With games, you can bend the rules and float between the lines. Life is different. If you step outside the lines, there are consequences. If you make the wrong move, you don’t get to start again.

When her nephew starts hanging out with a group of drug-dealing rich kids, Ang’s investigation leads to a ruthless crime syndicate selling illegal arms and drugs. Warned to back off, she keeps digging, and earns a suspension that puts her in the syndicate’s cross hairs.

Now on the run, Ang heads for Vancouver Island. There’s no room in her life for romance, but sexy police detective Dan Ryerson makes taking a time out too enticing to resist. He knows what the crime boss Krenar is capable of and teams with Ang to defeat their deadly foe.

Games don’t have fatal consequences, but in the real world, if you don’t follow the rules, you can lose your heart or life.

Targeted by Krenar, Ang and Dan find themselves in a high stakes game of risk where every move counts. They’re playing with fire and chances are they will get burned.

The Love in Landings Series

Book 2

The Christmas Presence on Amazon now

The Christmas Presence

5.0 out of 5 stars!

Great read just in time for Christmas!

The Christmas Presence is a romantic suspense novel that alternates between the viewpoints of the two main characters Noelle and Jake. The author instantly developed a strong voice for both characters and I found the flow of the story and switch between them to be seamless. The past that Jake and Noelle shared created a great sense of conflict between them and I loved the chemistry and build-up of sexual tension. The Cobra was a sinister but believable villain that kept the story moving and the reader in page-turning suspense. I thought it was genius how the author threw the two main characters together into an abandoned cabin in the woods; of course when its cold and snowy outside and there's a fire sizzling inside, naughty things are bound to happen ;) A nice, easy read that took me away. I really enjoyed this book, highly recommend! 

                                                                                      - Amazon book review

The Christmas Presence

4.0 out of 5 stars!

I would recommend this book for anyone with a sense of romance and excitement.
A lovely, easy read. Some adventure, some thrills and simmering passion. I would recommend this book for anyone with a sense of romance and excitement.                                                              

                                                                                     -Amazon book review

Stripped by Carol Kinnee and Kim McDonald



by Carol Kinnee & Kim McDonald


Landing an internship at the most prestigious lab in the country leaves Fran no time for relationships. She's found her dream job, training under Dr. Luke Tanner, rock star, in the world of green chemistry.

Luke used moonlighting as a stripper to pay his way through university. Now he’s a superstar chemistry professor , but his bad-boy side won’t let him give up stripping—even if it puts his career at risk.

When Fran’s cat dies and she can’t pull herself out of her messy cat grief, her best-friend Sunny has the cure—hot male strippers. Fran’s leaving the club when Danger Dark takes the stage. The tall, dark bad-boy is just Fran’s type—if she had one. When Fran goes home with Danger, their explosive chemistry leads to a sexcellent weekend. Fran knows a relationship with Danger is crazy—he’s a stripper, where can it go? For once in her life, she’s ignoring her rational voice and living in the moment. Big mistake.

Fran’s more than ready for her first day in the lab. When ‘Danger’ struts into the room, she thinks she’s been punk’d. Can Fran’s simple ‘stripper’ by night really be a brilliant chemist by day?  

Luke wants Fran gone from the lab but Fran’s fiery Sicilian blood isn’t going to let her go quietly. Training under Dr. Tanner takes on a sizzling new meaning.

Can Fran bag both her internship and her Professor, or will sizzle lead to fizzle?

5.0 out of 5 stars All the LOVE feels! Exciting new series.

Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2018

Verified Purchase

Without giving it all away, this story centers around a fiery Italian 20 something woman who falls in love with a handsome stranger- told as if you are living the story yourself, the authors effortlessly weave the tale to encompass the reader and remind us all what it feels like to experience those heart fluttery new romance warm and fuzzies! A great read with a glass of wine and a roaring fire (or a beach side daiquiri at sunset!) looking forward to their next book for sure...

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