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Happy Thursday

Some mornings it all comes together. You leap out of bed, tackle the day and get a thousand things done before you leave for work. Other days aren’t that productive. Yesterday was one of those Energizer Bunny-kind of days.

I wake up with the sun and am on a roll:

  • I write an entire chapter for A Path of Fire—the prequel to A Trail of Embers

  • I do some set up for launching A Trail of Ember—watch for it coming the week of May 17

  • I make a healthy sin-free lunch for work

And—I still have an hour to waste before I leave the house.

With that in mind, I head out onto the sundeck to water my recently planted flowers. From what the weather channel is predicting, high temps and sunshine will leave my poor newly moved seedlings crying for water. My husband steps outside to say bye and leaves me happily enjoying the peace and quiet of the backyard—no, Ms. Skunk is nowhere in sight at the time. Perhaps she's moved out.

I spy the beginning of a wasp nest hanging at the peak of the eaves. In keeping with the get stuff done vibe for the day (for me, not the wasp) and the water hose in my hand, I switch the nozzle to full blast and knocked the nest off the eaves. Ha, take that, I say, smug in the knowledge I've prevented another unwanted tenant from putting down roots. This battle, unlike the ongoing Skunk Wars, is an easy one. I head back inside. I have eggs boiling on the stove and by now they should be perfectly cooked.

Well, I plan to head inside. There is one tiny problem. My husband, a creature of habit, has locked the deck door on his way in. Mm, I peer through the glass at the orange light glowing on the stove—definitely a problem.

No worries. This is why it’s good to know your neighbours . . . except on a weekday when they aren’t home, then it doesn’t matter.

I stand barefoot and undecided in the driveway, considering my options and thinking about the extra-hard, boiled eggs dying a slow death on the burner. I have one option—accost the two ladies power-walking towards me. A big shout out thank you to Linda and Elvira for letting me use their house phone.

It really is good to know your neighbours. Five minutes later, my husband is back, my very hard-boiled eggs are saved, and I finish getting ready for work.

Happy Thursday!

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