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Sunshine, books and markets—can you resist the temptation?

Sunday morning and I'm back at #AmblesidePark in #WestVancouver with my books. I can’t think of anything better than the sun sparkling on the water and a breeze from the ocean on my face. My husband and I have a saying, “Any day on the water is the best day.” Maybe I’m not on the water but I’m close to it.

The #AmblesideArtisanFarmersMarket, like most markets, offers temptations. I have to keep a firm grip on my wallet and remember I’m here for a reason—to talk about my books. Luckily, I am confined to the space around my table. I can’t wander off. I can't give in to the temptation of freshly baked cinnamon croissants, stop to buy jewelry, sip cider or taste beer. I can only stare at the fresh fruit and think about the endless possibilities of summer time desserts, and eye the melange of summer veggies while I contemplate supper. Visions of fresh salsas and Mexican food dance in my head. You see where this is going?

Thank heavens for distraction and the great people stopping by to talk about my books:

Today I've brought along a proof copy of Stripped. It’s the first book in a series that I am co-writing with fellow author Kim McDonald. It’s a funny Chick Lit romance, the perfect beach read.

Readers and writers are always up for a chat so my days at the market speed by. It makes me appreciate the importance of networking with other authors and talking with readers.

It also lets me check out the endless parade of pups making the loop through the market. The number of well-dressed, well-loved canines in West Vancouver is impossible to count. I get to see them all as #BobtheDog's stall is just a few steps away. It's a place where well-groomed pups get hooked up with gourmet treats and fancy threads.

Something about talking about my books pushes me to want to write more. Is it the fresh air, the music or just the whole thing about getting up and getting out? What ever it is, I’m all for it.

#52Over50, what’s your next adventure?

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