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Carol Kinnee


"The ancient forest offered its secrets in unexpected gifts of quiet glades and sparkling pools"

                                        From: A Trail of Embers

                                        A book by Carol Kinnee


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5.0 out of 5 stars!
Great read, just in time for Christmas!

The Christmas Presence is a romantic suspense novel that alternates between the viewpoints of the two main characters Noelle and Jake. The author instantly developed a strong voice for both characters and I found the flow of the story and switch between them to be seamless. The past that Jake and Noelle shared created a great sense of conflict between them and I loved the chemistry and build-up of sexual tension. The Cobra was a sinister but believable villain that kept the story moving and the reader in page-turning suspense. I thought it was genius how the author threw the two main characters together into an abandoned cabin in the woods; of course when its cold and snowy outside and there's a fire sizzling inside, naughty things are bound to happen ;) A nice, easy read that took me away. I really enjoyed this book, highly recommend!
                                                                                                           - Amazon book review

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