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Carol Kinnee

"The ancient forest offered its secrets in unexpected gifts of quiet glades and sparkling pools"

from A Trail of Embers

Christmas Star Decorations

A Trail of Embers

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Winter’s gloom spreads and spring fails to arrive. The people of the walled city of Vendonne grow hungry. Whispers of omens flourish. Anyone different stands out . . . 

That’s not new to the outcast, Meara. In a city of blonde, blue-eyed inhabitants, her dark hair and gray eyes put a target on her back. Meara has no memory of where she came from, nor does she remember life outside the great walls. She does what she must to survive. 

When she stumbles on a mysterious orb, she thinks it’s treasure. But Meara’s wealth is a dragon’s egg stolen from its nest. Its hatching will bring harmony between the people of Helligon and the dragon, Shakala. 

On the egg’s trail is the tracker, Kieran. It was his mistake that let the egg be taken. 
There is another hunting the egg, someone more powerful than a street girl, a tracker and an unhatched egg. The Mage of Remarne believes that the blood of the egg will strengthen his magic and grant him immortality. 

Can Meara, Kieran, and the egg stay ahead of the Mage? To do so, they must follow the trail of embers leading to Meara’s past. 

Will the Prophecy of the Egg be fulfilled?

Cafe Window

Writing is the only thing that,
when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else.  

                            Gloria Steinem


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