"And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is just bliss."

                                   - J. K. Rowling


The Christmas Presence

by Carol Kinnee


Life just got complicated for Noelle Ryan. First her ex-husband Jake shows up uninvited, then she witnesses a violent robbery at a convenience store. As the brutal criminal Cobra hunts her, Noelle must choose between police protection, or the all too-protective custody of the delectable Detective Jake Ryan.

Ten years ago, when their marriage collapsed, Noelle shut Jake out without telling him why. Now running for her life, she’s having trouble fighting her attraction to her ex-husband and appointed protector. Jake’s different. He’s also hotter than ever. Noelle hadn't counted on spending Christmas at a deserted cabin on an abandoned ski hill. Now she’s there, she’s finding even the blizzard outside the walls of their cozy nest can’t cool the flames between them.

Jake promised to keep Noelle safe, but now that he’s with her, he’s having trouble keeping his hands off her. One look into her green eyes, and he knows it’s his heart that’s in danger.

As the Cobra moves into striking distance, Noelle and Jake will have to overcome their past to find their future. Can there be a Christmas miracle?

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by Carol Kinnee & Kim McDonald


Landing an internship at the most prestigious lab in the country leaves Fran no time for relationships. She's found her dream job, training under Dr. Luke Tanner, rock star, in the world of green chemistry.

Luke used moonlighting as a stripper to pay his way through university. Now he’s a superstar chemistry professor , but his bad-boy side won’t let him give up stripping — even if it puts his career at risk.


When Fran’s cat dies and she can’t pull herself out of her messy cat grief, her best-friend Sunny has the cure — hot male strippers. Fran’s leaving the club when Danger Dark takes the stage. The tall, dark bad-boy is just Fran’s type — if she had one. When Fran goes home with Danger, their explosive chemistry leads to a sexcellent weekend. Fran knows a relationship with Danger is crazy — he’s a stripper, where can it go? For once in her life, she’s ignoring her rational voice and living in the moment. Big mistake.


Fran’s more than ready for her first day in the lab. When ‘Danger’ struts into the room, she thinks she’s been punk’d. Can Fran’s simple ‘stripper’ by night really be a brilliant chemist by day?  


Luke wants Fran gone from the lab but Fran’s fiery Sicilian blood isn’t going to let her go quietly. Training under Dr. Tanner takes on a sizzling new meaning.

Can Fran bag both her internship and her Professor, or will sizzle lead to fizzle?

A Trail of Embers

by Carol Kinnee


Winter’s gloom spreads over the world, and the people of the walled town of Vendonne grow hungry. Whispers of omens spread like weeds in a forgotten garden. In a place of blonde, blue-eyed townsfolk, it’s not safe to be different. The street girl Meara, with her dark hair and gray eyes, has a target on her back.

Meara has no past and no future. She does what she must to survive. When she stumbles on a mysterious object, she thinks it’s treasure. Instead, it’s a dragon egg, stolen from its nest. Its hatching will fulfill the long-awaited prophecy of harmony between the people of the forest and the dragon.

On the trail of the egg is the tracker Kieran. His mistake let the egg be taken.

There is another hunting the egg, a dark mage more powerful than a street girl, a tracker, and an unhatched egg. The Mage of Remarne will use the blood of the unhatched dragon to strengthen his magic and gain immortality.

Can Meara, Kieran, and the egg stay ahead of the Mage? To do so, they must follow a trail of embers leading to Meara’s past.


5.0 out of 5 stars!

Great read, just in time for Christmas!

The Christmas Presence is a romantic suspense novel that alternates between the viewpoints of the two main characters Noelle and Jake. The author instantly developed a strong voice for both characters and I found the flow of the story and switch between them to be seamless. The past that Jake and Noelle shared created a great sense of conflict between them and I loved the chemistry and build-up of sexual tension. The Cobra was a sinister but believable villain that kept the story moving and the reader in page-turning suspense. I thought it was genius how the author threw the two main characters together into an abandoned cabin in the woods; of course when its cold and snowy outside and there's a fire sizzling inside, naughty things are bound to happen ;) A nice, easy read that took me away. I really enjoyed this book, highly recommend!
                                                                                                           - Amazon book review

4.0 out of 5 stars!

I would recommend this book for anyone with a sense of romance and excitement

A lovely, easy read. Some adventure, some thrills and simmering passion. I would recommend this book for anyone with a sense of romance and excitement.
Thrilling in the extreme, Fatal Secrets is a definite page-flipper.

                                                                                                         -Amazon book review